F/FN Series – Submersible Sewage / Effluent Pumps

F/FN Series – Submersible Sewage / Effluent Pumps

Description :

  • A precision manufactured motor is achieved by utilizing the highest standard of quality control. All rotors
    adopt heat treatment methods for drive shaft assembling, and stator winding impregnated with varnish that
    is heat dried in an industrial oven. The Water Resistance for Pump can reach IP68 Grade.
  • HCP’s professional assembly line, complimented with a synthesized production test, ensures the highest
    level of pump quality.
  • Standard accessories include : cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-resistant cable base, Auto-cut
    Protector, dual mechanical seals and lip seal design.

F/FN Series – Submersible Sewage / Effluent Pumps



Addition Details:



  • Drainage of sewage from the building basements, hotel industry, wastes water from factories.
  • Drainage of sewage from industrial process factories.
  • Emptying of septic tanks, cesspits and sewage pump stations.
  • Pumping surface and drainage water from garages and sprinkler systems.


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