J Series – Submersible Ejector Pumps

J Series – Submersible Ejector Pumps

Description :

  • Best structure design, has a dry motor, IP68, double mechanical seals, equipped with an auto-cut protector, pump casting, outer cover is stainless steel, and acid-resistant silicon carbide seals.
  • The Stainless series is suitable for all light acid, corrosive and/or sea water application fluid in pH value between 4~10pH. For Strong Acidity and Alkalinity applications, please use the specified chemical pump.
  • Investment Casting
    Precision casting with the use of an advanced stainless investment casting method, that produces the highest quality with a smooth surface finish.
  • Viton O-ring
    Viton O-rings are used throughout the pump to give better pump life in corrosive acid and aggressive media.
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel(SUS300 series)is used in SF/SA series. SUS316/SCS14 is better than SUS304/SCS13 in water application of light acid-base.

J Series – Submersible Ejector Pumps



Addition Details:



  • Living wastewater, manholes, stock farms, wastewater treatment, supplies the oxygen to a slurry treatment tank.
  • To produce the water current in fountain pools or water tanks to help avoid accumulation and decay on the bottom of tank and pool.
  • Aquaculture farm, oxygen supply for water tank.


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