L Series – Submersible Large Volume Pumps

L Series – Submersible Large Volume Pumps

Description :

  • Large flow capacities achieved with almost no vibration, or noise, by use of the axial and mix flow design.
  • HIGH-QUALITY BRONZE : Widely acclaimed for its ability to withstand corrosion, even to the erosion of sea water and brine and is proved to be able to substantially extend time to service,used on the Upper Cover, Bearing Bracket, & M. Seal Bracket of our pumps. (L-200/250/300A only)
  • POWER-SAVING & HIGH-EFFICIENCY ALBC3 (Aluminum Bronze) IMPELLER : Utilizes wear-resistant and anti-corrosion ALBC3 (Aluminum Bronze) Impeller, the same material as the propellers of boats and vessels.
  • Robust construction and compact design with a dry motor, double mechanical seals and impeller flow guide vane for high efficiency.
  • Pump manufactured with heavy duty housing, cable leads are isolated by hardened epoxy for water proofing, and double mechanical seals.
  • High solids, epoxy coating prolongs metals from corrosion and oxidization.
  • L Series are equipped with Sacrificial Anode. Sacrificial Anode are create from a metal alloy with a more negative electrochemical potential. Sacrificial Anode are highly active metals, that are used to prevent pump material surface from corroding.

L Series – Submersible Large Volume Pumps



Addition Details:



  • Aquiculture water pumping and drainage for large volume water applications.
  • Water supply for landscape, water features, cooling in the power plant or drainage for industrial.
  • Water extracting from rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
  • Flood control or used for large volume dewatering.
  • Others : Extraction of water from dock and river.


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